Unhappy hour

Daniel’s face turned red as his drunk buddy recalled their evening. Winston was always an arrogant ass but he didnt have to say those things in front of Beverly. She was a lady. Someone’s opinion that he valued and it simply embarrassed him for her to hear his childish antics.
He tried not to meet her glance. “Change the subject Winston” he urges quietly.
“No way sir. You are the man. Girls falling all over him, bet he got 6 telephone numbers and man did Sassy put a whopper of a kiss on him. I don’t even like that Stripper but it was so hot it made me jealous.”
Daniel’s face turned red as he looked up at Beverly. She looked sad and disappointed.
“Just shut up Winston. I’m serious.”
Beverly turned her back to the group.
“Can’t take the boy talk?” Steve asked with a crooked grin.
She shook her head.
Ten minutes later Doug and Daniel both asked her to dance at the same time, both men stepping back and offering to allow the other man the chance to dance with her.
“I decide who I dance with!” She said bluntly, taking Doug’s hand and not looking Daniel in the face. Daniel watched them as they walked onto the dance floor. He walked to the other side of the bar but never took his eyes off of her.
He loved her but he would never have her. She was unavailable permanently to him. He had gotten too drunk once and poured out his heart before and forced her to accept his kiss in front of 50 people. She didn’t refuse him but as soon as he went to the men’s room, she left. The next day he ran into her at the grocery store, he tried to apologize but that just made it worse…she was surprised and hurt.
“Sorry you kissed me?” She whispered.
“That’s not what I meant, I mean, I think I embarrassed myself, I mean you. Damn cut me some slack here Bev. I don’t know how to talk to you.”
“I think you said it just fine” she said looking down at the floor.
He started to add to what he had said but she walked away.
“Damn!” He said out loud.


Beverly was older but still a beautiful woman. She would come in the bar on Friday once in awhile but she didn’t drink. She just wanted to be around people, she was lonely. The bar had karaoke every weekend so she enjoyed that. She loved to laugh and have a good time with everyone. At the end of every night she went home alone.

Wayne was a heavy drinker, he had the personality of a rock but he was gorgeous. He was like a wounded child. Sylvia wanted to take him in her arms and shield him from the world. He drank beer after beer, smoked cigarette after cigarette, the drunker he got the more he regaled her with tales of his life. He bragged he had left a trail of his seed across the country and Mexico and Cuba. He said he believes the count is 16 if he is correct.
********all she could think that there was 16 children of various ages raised without the benefit of a daddy. But the more he talked…the better off She realized the kids were.
He bragged of doing more acid than all the people in the bar. He admits he still smokes pot daily. “I lived like a freakin animal in my sail boat…crappin in a bucket and all. I finally bought me a house. I’ve had more sex than anyone, but it comes with consequences, just got the silver bullet last week, not the first std I’ve had but I hate when I get one. It’s my own fault. I get too drunk and ‘just okay ‘ lookin starts to be ‘good lookin’and well I gotta weakness…but I try to be smarter today than I was yesterday.”
Sylvia regarded him with pity and compassion. She found herself encouraging him even when he told her his new girlfriend was “really fat…she makes you look skinny.” Sylvia was a little overweight but not obese. She didn’t bother to be insulted by Wayne, he didn’t mean her harm. He liked her. The night he shared with her that he had killed a lot of people when he was in the military, her heart broke. He was so damaged. Helping people, helping hurting people, it was her duty but she had let Wayne inside her heart…it was personal the way he shared such intimate details, like he was allowing her to hold this information for him so he didn’t have to carry it. She never, ever wanted to have sex with him but she felt almost a responsibility for him sometimes.

They texted frequently and she would say, “I miss your handsome face. ” he would respond, “funny how I avoid reflections of it.”

One night he had too much to drink and a barely legal, barely covered girl was in the bar. He made a beeline for her and offered to take her fishing, the same line he had used on Sylvia. and Sylvia was offended. He held up his cellphone to take a picture of the girl and Sylvia snapped. She flew at him in a rage, “stop! Stop being a whore.”
Girl was shocked and quickly moved away. Wayne asked, “What? What’s wrong.” Sylvia faced her feelings for the first time and said ,”don’t disrespect me.you know I love you.” He said, “I know and I like that.”
“Just stop talking to me Wayne!”
The next day he sent her a text, “I love my girlfriend. I know you are a good woman but she beat you to it. She’s a fat girl but I don’t care.”
She responded with, “I can still love you if I want to and there is nothing you can do about it.” He said I want to talk to you in person and she said no!i will cry.” He said “ok but you have to know I love you too.”
There were no more text that night…she was correct, she cried.

He was at the bar when she walked in…he waited to see if anyone would join her, then he walked over to sit down next to her. “I’ve got a girlfriend now.”
“Don’t talk to me about her Wayne. In my mind she’s not real. I can still love you if I want too ” she said stubbornly.
“She came all the way to mobile to pick me up. No woman has ever done that for me. Nobody has ever done anything but take from me…me and Mr. No jangles (She assumed by his sudden grin this was the name for his penis)
She sighed.
“I guess you don’t want to hear this.” He sad with a sad look,
“No, but you can tell me anything you need to ”
” it’s just she is so…big. I mean I love her. We met on pof and she posted all of these skinny younger pictures of her. I couldn’t wait to meet her, then I did and she’s huge…shallow Hal type of huge.”
“Wayne when you have sex with a skinny girl and the end result is the climax…when you have sex with a fat girl the end result is the same you climax. Is the feeling the same?”
He said “yes, but a big girl can’t get in all the positions I like.”
She smiled and before she could give a response…the big girl walked in. He looked like he had been hit with a landrover, “this is sheryl.”
I shook her hand and said “so nice to meet you, I’m Wayne’s friend Sylvia.”She shook but made an ugly face, apparently she’s heard of her.
In 5 minutes they left, Sylvia sent him a text that said you didn’t have to introduce us, that was mean!
He answered”I was shocked she found me…she must have GPS on my ass.”

End chapter one


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