You got the thong man

Thong Man
She’d been mad before but this time was different. This time she had the proof in her hands. A teeny tiny pair of thong panties from under the seat of her car. Rodger had used her car last night because his tire was low and he didn’t have time to fool with it.
Raye Lynn was a heft 200 lbs and had nothing to lose but weight. Rodger walked in, threw his lunch box on the coffee table and sat down in his favorite chair to take off his boots. Raye Lynn was calmer than she thought she would be.
“Whew what a day.” Rodger said trying to make conversation.
“Good thing you didn’t have to work over time like you did yesterday.”
Rodger laughed and said, “Yep. I’ll sleep good tonight.”
Raye Lynn smiled and said, “I’m sure you will.”
He looked at her kind of side ways and asked, “What’s wrong with you? What are you mad about now? Raye all I do is work like a dog in that ship yard and come home to a constantly mad woman.”
“I never said I was mad Rodger.” she said with a grin.
“You don’t have to Raye, you’re my wife, don’t you think I know you after all these years?”
That comment took her by surprise. She was expecting him to be mean, instead he sounded sincere.
She got up and poured him a glass of tea. “Are you ready to eat? Or do you want to shower first?”
“I’m rank, think I will shower first. It was hotter than hell today.” Rodger said as he headed for the bathroom.
Raye Lynn sat down on the couch. Twenty two years of marriage, four kids, three grandkids, they had made quite a life. She couldn’t kill Rodger simply because the kids would never forgive her; but she had known for years he cheated, today’s find just confirmed what she already knew. She didn’t cry, scream or throw a fit, just sat on her spot on the couch.
Rodger came back in after his shower wearing shorts and a t-shirt. “Lord that feels so much better.”
She smiled and went to fix his dinner plate. He liked to eat dinner in his chair, then watch the evening news. Usually Ray Lynn would go read a book or play on the computer but tonight she sat there with him watching the news. The world was literally going to hell. War in so many countries, threats of violence, murders, missing persons, confusing weather, hot up north, cold in the south everything was chaos.
“How do you watch this night after night?” Raye Lynn asked Rodger.
“I have to so I know what to protect you from Raye.”
“Why do you talk like that Rodger? Why do you say things to me like that when you are cheating on me with other women?” Raye Lynn suddenly cried out.
Rodger yelled, “What in the sam hell are you talking about Raye?”
Raye Lynn threw the thong panties at him. “This is what I am talking about!”
“What in the hell is that thing?” Rodger asked honestly.
Raye Lynn became furious, “Don’t insult my intelligence Rodger. You know good and well those are some skinny woman’s panties and I found them in the car this morning. How could you?”
Rodger picked up the telephone and dialed a number. “Here boy this one is yours and I am not covering for you.”
He handed the telephone to Raye Lynn. “Hello?”
“Hey Mom what’s going on over there?”
Rodger said, “Go ahead Raye ;ask him what he borrowed from us while I was working a double last night?”
Raye Lynn felt her cheeks get hot with embarrassment, “What did you borrow last night?”
Her son said, “I borrowed the car from Dad. I know I didn’t put any gas in it, sorry about that.”
Raye Lynn burst into tears and handed Rodger the telephone back. He grinned and said, “Well boy you’ve made your Mama cry.”
“For crying out loud, I’ll put gas in it next time.” their son yelled.
Rodger laughed and said, “Okay Son. Love you.” and hung up the telephone.
Raye Lynn was crying and she asked Rodger to forgive her. He pulled her down into the chair with him and told her, “Raye, in all of these years. I never cheated on you. I came close a few times when I used to go to the Crystal Pistol and drink beer but it was just flirting. I didn’t let it go any further because I love you. I swear to God I have never cheated one time.”
Raye Lynn said, “I’ve been accusing you in my mind for so many years. I thought cause I gained weight, you quit loving me.”
Rodger shook his head no. “No ma’am I never quit loving you. You are the reason I still get up and go to that shipyard after all these years. I love every ounce of you.”
They sat there for a few minutes, then Rodger asked, “I forgot to ask you, did you poison my dinner tonight?”
Raye Lynn laughed and said, “We will both know in a few hours I guess.”
Rodger laughed and pulled her to him for a kiss.


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