Death of a love (I used she and he only because we know who we are)

Note: if you are reading this and believe you are the Dragon, then you must be.

She got into the car and rested her head on the steering wheel before starting the engine. Shock momentarily halted the sobs that were trying to rise up out of her soul. She thought she might be sick but she thought, “I can’t be sick here…I have to leave this place and never come back.” She started the car and backed out of his driveway. She just wanted to drive, going no place in particular just away from him. The day was long, the night would be longer.
She gripped the steering wheel suddenly aware that she couldn’t feel anything, her hands were fine…it was her heart that was broken.

She had willingly opened the animals den door and voluntarily walked in. The animal had mauled her once before damn near killed her and still she returned. It would have been a real shock if he had NOT devoured her again, this time finishing her off.

His words were haunting her in bits and pieces, “care for you” “see other people” “never really exclusive” “never said you were the one”

The fog was enveloping the road. It seemed as if she were in a dream.
She felt dizzy, almost like she was being lulled into a trance. Suddenly she saw something ahead in the road …a huge dragon’s body with “his” head attached to it. She slammed on the breaks to stop the car.
It shook violently as the dragon advanced towards her, “boom!boom!” With each step her chest ached with fear. The tail made a swishing sound as it moved behind him and the wings sounded like mighty swirls. His head was human, his body monster. It was a terrifying sight. She could taste the fear, it was a mixture of horror and regret. His eyes bulged out and were red. He had a evil roar that made her feel like she had swallowed an ice pick. It was ‘him’ but how?
He faced the car forcing her to stop. She was trying not to look at the huge angry head but he bent down forcing her to see him. She tried to close her eyes but was too terrified and mezmerized.
Suddenly the dragon began to wail, “ELLYEAA” “ELLYEAA” her windshield began to crack and her side mirrors burst into tiny fragments. She was shaking violently but then realized it was quiet.
The dragon peered at her again and whispered, “the blame lies with thee…you trusted me. I did not ask for your love, you forced it on me.”
The dragon screamed again “ELLYEAA.” She put her hands over her ears trying to drown out the whispered words. Tears were spilling from her eyes and she could not catch her breathe. The dragon began to laugh hard, deep laughter and breathed fire into the sky in celebration.
” your tears have no effect on me. See I am the tin man in a dragon suit.”
He stood tall and danced a silly dance. “Actually I had a heart once but I ate it, I believe it was given to me by you.” He grinned showing all of his false teeth and laughed again. He began to mock her, ” Still love me? Still think I’m swell?”
She tried to speak but the words wouldn’t come. “You are pathetic. I always despised your kindness, your innocent act, your weakness.” The dragon leaned in again with one claw on the roof of the car crushing the metal so easily. “Are you dead yet kitten? Hmmm? You have no words for the love of your life?” The dragon roared and again fire spew from his mouth.
The dragon hit the car with its tail and it flew across the road into some trees. Her head was bleeding badly. She was crying but the tears and sounds had ceased. “Do you know what bleeds more than a crying fat chick?” The dragon asked. He leaned into the shattered windshield and whispered, “nothing.” His roar filled the air, he danced a gig to celebrate the insult.
“I hate you with every fiber in me girl. You were stupid and naive. I only tolerated you because you were…available.” She groaned from the pain of the words. “Are you dead yet?” She raised her eyes to meet his cold stare and whispered,”I didn’t know you were a monster.” The dragon answered, “I gave you clues but you ignored them, thought you could change me. Go ahead, hate me. Your hate will empower me and I will destroy you slowly, terrorizing you every day of your life until you die from pure exhaustion.” When she did not respond the dragon raged beating the mangled car with his tail and scorching it more with his tongue. “Come on! Fight back big girl!
She raised her head one last time and whispered the three little words over and over; I forgive you.”, “I forgive you.”, “I forgive…”
The dragon shrieked in surprise, “No!” He stumbled backwards, his mouth hanging agape, and fell onto his side facing her. All of the goodness, kindness and hope she had ever thought she had seen drained from his face. He began to scream and wail and dissolve before her eyes until …only an empty shell of a monster remained. She was not dead, but oh so close. The monster began to disappear in front of her.
She groaned again and without notice the last tear fell from her eye. She wept for the death of a love.


“Ma’am? Can you hear me ma’am?” Asked the State trooper.