Class B Dependent

airborn copterJaneece was a happily married woman with 3 children, ages 5, 3 and 19 months. She had been married for over 2 1/2 years to her best friend, lover, and soul mate. He had the same values she had, loved her children as his own, including the one they had together. Errol did not want her to work outside the home, which thrilled her so she could raise their children.
They lived modestly because of one income but they were happy. Errol’s job took him away, a lot, but he was always so pleased to come home and the family was so excited to welcome him home.
Errol had explained as much about his job to Janeece when he was dating her. “ I’m in the Army. It’s all very secretive. We are not allowed to discuss work matters as it could be a danger to National Security. So you are going to have to trust me, a lot.” he said sincerely. Janeece did trust him, she adored him and hung on his every word. He was the kindest, smartest, most wonderful man she had ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was a fantastic husband and Father.
Life with Errol was like a dream come true. His eyes had filled with tears when he found out she was pregnant. Janeece’s life had a troubled enough start to appreciate the good life that she had now.
Her first husband, Junior, had taken a job as long distance truck driver. On his first trip out of North Carolina to Los Angeles, California, he fell in love with a girl that worked at a deli. He came immediately back to North Carolina and told Janeece. “I’m sorry but I have got to be honest. I never loved you like I should. I thought I ought to do the right thing when you got pregnant with Danny, so I married you. I was miserable but before I could get out you got pregnant with Amy. I thought I was trapped forever until I met Desiree.
She said, ‘Your wife will make you pay lots of child support but it will be worth it to be with me.’ She really loves me. I came here for a divorce then I am moving to Los Angeles to be with her.”
He was looking at the floor the entire conversation and twisting his Natural Light baseball cap in his hand as he was talking. Janeece was stunned, but could not cry.
Junior turned to the kids and said “Aint none of this yall’s fault. Daddy will come see you when I’m on this side of the country.”
“Go on Junior. Just Git!” Janeece said, finally finding her voice and dismissing him. Junior left but she noticed he was smiling as he hauled ass out of the driveway.
Her Mother took the news horribly. She broke down sobbing, “Oh Lord Janeece what are you gonna do? You aint never worked a day in your life. You will never find another husband. Nobody will want you since you have two kids. Men want their own kids. And don’t think you can pawn them off on me. I aint able to watch them.”
Janeece was quiet while her mama raved on. She had tuned her out until her Mother hit the kitchen table with her fist and screamed, “Are you listening to me girl?”
Janeece jumped and said, “Yes ma’am. I just have a headache. I think I need to lie down.”
“Well this aint no time to be laying down girl.”
“Mama please just go on home. I will figure this out.” This offended her Mother so she huffed and stormed out of the door; slamming it behind her.

The next morning Janeece spoke to her neighbor and explained that Junior had left her for another woman. She asked if she could see the job section of the newspaper and the neighbor offered it straight away. She found an ad for a diner needing a waitress.
The neighbor agreed to watch the kids for her to go and inquire about the job. She had to take the bus because Junior had driven away in their only means of transportation .
The manager of the diner was exhausted. His waitress staff and cashier had abandoned him for three soldiers. The girls called out sick for three but he had been told by regular diners that they had seen the three girls about town with the soldiers having a big time. He had called his Mother and Sister in to fill in for the girls but it made for a hard day when they didn’t know what they were doing.
Janeece barely introduced herself to the manager before he blurted out, “Can you start right now?”
“I don’t know I have to call the sitter.” Janeece answered.
The manager pointed to the telephone. The neighbor lady agreed to watch the kids so Janeece put on the apron, began cleaning tables and taking orders. It was definitely on the job training but she caught on quick. By the end of breakfast she had made $52.00 in tips. If lunch was half that good she would make enough money to take care of her children. Lunch was busier than breakfast. Janeece went straight home and paid the neighbor for babysitting. The children loved Mrs. Overly and she was thrilled to be making the extra money.
Two weeks into her new life, a tow truck pulls up in front of her house. Junior’s Ford pickup was on the flat bed. A luxury car had pulled up at the same time as the tow truck. A very well dressed man knocked on the front door. “Can I help you?” Janeece asked thru the screen door.
“Are you Janeece?“
She nodded yes, wondering what Junior had gotten himself into.
“My name is Everette Hould. I own the trucking company your husband Junior worked for.” the man said thru the door.
Janeece opened the door and stared at the man. “Worked for?” she asked.
“I’m sorry to have to tell you this ma’am but Junior has been killed.”
“What happened?” Janeece asked with almost a whisper.
“Well, ma’am it appears that Junior got involved with a young lady in California on his trip to deliver our product. The lady was married and Junior was shot and killed by the lady’s husband.”
Janeece rest her head against the door frame but she did not cry. “Oh my goodness.” she finally said in a soft voice.
“I, um, I wanted to bring the truck back to you and I wanted to give you this check for $1500.00. This money is Juniors last paycheck and the one I was holding. He didn’t have any life insurance, so the company paid to have him cremated. If you want the remains I can have them sent to you.”
“What happens if I don’t take them?” Janeece asked.
“I don’t rightly know. I think the Coroners office holds them for 3 years then disposes of them. Unless you are going to have a burial I don’t see where you would need them. I understand Junior didn’t have any other family.”
“That’s right.” Janeece whispered.
“You’ve got time to think about it, but if it were my decision, I would let them stay there. California is so big, you might not even get his actual remains back. I’m sorry this happen to you ma’am.” he said shifting from one leg to another.
It was apparent he was eager to leave.
“Thank you for letting me know.” Janeece said as she took the keys from the tow truck driver who had walked up during the conversation, then she shut the door. She didn’t cry for Junior but for her children that lost a father. At first he had been an honorable man but he lost his way as time went by. He was never a great husband. Like he had admitted, he never loved her the way she loved him. He drank and ran around on her constantly.
It was lonelier living with him then it ever was with him gone.
Over the next few months Janeece learned to organize the children’s schedule, pay the bills, the rent, the electric bill . Military guys came in on a regular basis and she was asked out on hundreds of dates per week but she just smiled and told them she appreciated the offer but no she didn’t date. There was a bucket in the kitchen where she threw the telephone numbers that men wrote on napkins and tiny pieces of paper trying to entice her and occasionally a Rose was delivered in a bud vase for her but she still never yielded to a single request. The manager told her that he didn’t want to lose her but to remember she was still young enough to marry again. She would just smile and continue working. It wasn’t open for discussion. He would laugh and say, “When you least expect it you will find someone.”

Almost six months to the day that Junior died and when she least expected it, she met someone. It was a Friday morning after the breakfast rush, a man came in and asked for coffee. He was a big muscular man, as least 6’4 with a shining bald head and sharp blue eyes. He was wearing jeans and a button up cotton shirt. He smelled like sunshine. He caught Janeece’s eye.
“WWhat can I get you sir?” she asked shyly.
He smiled and showed the whitest teeth she had ever seen. “I will have coffee and orange juice please.”
Janeece managed to get back to the counter and steady herself. That was the most handsome man she had ever seen and the café was always crawling with men.
She calmed down and brought his beverages. “If you like omelets we make very good ones.”
“Which one is your favorite?” he asked with a smile.
“Oh, I, I guess ham and cheese.” Janeece stuttered.
“Well then I will have that, with hash browns and no toast.”
She smiled and nodded her head. “ Thank you.” she said as an after thought when she was walking away. She managed to serve him breakfast and noticed he watched her as she moved around the café cleaning tables and taking orders. Janeece returned to his table to ask if he wanted more coffee.
“Yes, please. You were right about the omelet. It was very tasty.”
“I’m glad you liked it.”
“Do you work every day?” he asked.
“Well yes, I just started here a couple of months ago. I work breakfast and lunch, Monday thru Friday.”
“Well Janeece I will just have to start eating here. I am new to the area and needed to find a place so I wouldn’t starve to death.” he said with a big smile.
Janeece was not feeling as nervous but wondered for a second how he knew her name. She looked down and remembered the name tag that was pinned to her shirt, and smiled.
“You wont starve here sir.” she said and smiled again.
“My name is Fresco, Errol Fresco.”
“It’s very nice to meet you.”
“Pleasure is mine.”

Two months had gone by and the owner was starting to complain the café was looking like a funeral home with all the flowers. Errol unleashed floral hell on Janeece until she finally agreed to go to dinner with him. She assumed if she took the kids he would be discouraged and not want to see her again. On the contrary, he was delighted.
Errol made arrangements to take them all to a family oriented establishment name Charos, where they had games and pizza. Errol loved to play the games with the kids and even got Janeece to participate. It was fun and she looked forward to their time as much as her kids did. Errol refused to let her pay for anything which really made it a treat.
It became a regular weekend activity for about 4 weekends straight until Errol announced that it was time to go to work.
“I am afraid I can’t tell you much dear. I am in a secret unit. All of our activities are top secret and it would endanger national security if I shared with you what I actually do. I actually work for the C.I.A., through the Army and I took an oath to my country that what was government information would remain top secret. As soon as my missions are over I will always come right back to you. I am falling in love with you and these two kids Janeece. Please tell me you will wait for me.”
“Oh yes!” she cried, choked with emotion.
Errol was gone an agonizing 6 weeks. He showed up at her house unannounced in the middle of the night still in uniform.“Errol?” Janeece asked at the door.
“Yes it’s me dear, open up!”
Janeece flung the door opened and grabbed her man. “Oh my goodness! I have missed you so much!”
“Marry me.” Errol said excitedly. “I love you. You love me, those kids adore me and I love them.”
“Well, I, yes, yes I will marry you.”
He kissed her passionately then let her go. “I’ve got to get back to the base and debrief. I just had to see you and ask you. It’s been eating me up wondering if you would say yes.”
She smiled and blew him another kiss as he walked away. Janeece did not see Errol for three more days until Wednesday. He picked her up after work and gave her a ride home. “I have a surprise for you Missy.” he said with a grin.
“What is it?” she asked.
“I will go get the kids from Mavis and you go in and take a bath and get prettied up. We have a wedding to go to.”
“Who is getting married?” she asked.
“We are, silly girl!”
Janeece’s mouth fell open. She had thought they would have a long engagement and then plan a wedding, there was no rush.“Errol there is so much I don’t know about you and you don’t even know my middle name.”
“Janeece. I know everything I need to know about you. I love you and don’t want to spend one more day without you and your kids in my life. Don’t you know I can give you a better life. You shouldn’t have to work in that diner slinging hash for just enough money pay the bills. Aren’t you ashamed that you buy your kids clothes at the thrift store and that Mavis the neighbor is practically raising your children?”
Putting it in those terms made Janeece feel very small and humiliated. Tears began to fall down her cheeks. “I have been doing the best that I can under the circumstances.” she said.
“Well circumstances have changed. I love you and I want to be your husband and your children’s father.”
“Yes, I love you too and I do want to marry you.” Janeece said with a smile.
She turned, looked out the window. They didn’t speak again until they reached her house.
Janeece hurried up and bathed and changed into a spring dress. She did her hair and makeup and could hear Errol laughing with the children. He was getting them dressed into some new clothes he had bought them. “Show your Mama how nice you look!” he said sweetly.
“Oh they look adorable!” Janeece said aloud. Danny had on a little boys suit, tie included and Amy had on a lacy dress with sandals.
They all drove to a nearby park where people were waiting. Janeece’s family was not present but about 20 people were there including an Army Chaplain. It was a beautiful arrangement and Janeece was blown away by the preparation. “These are my friends and their spouses from work.” Errol whispered in her ear. Errol held Amy and Janeece held Danny’s hand during the ceremony. It was brief but beautiful. When the Chaplain asked if anyone had any reason these two should not be joined, Errol had given a nervous exaggerated gaze around the audience, drawing huge laughter from the crowd. Then they were pronounced husband and wife and sealed it with a kiss.
A reception was held at the local armory. Food and beer and other beverages were set up and it was the best surprise Janeece had ever had in her life. Her diamond ring was small but so pretty and the matching wedding band just sealed it with another kiss.
Janeece and Errol finally slept together on their wedding night. It was magical.
They did not have their first argument until 10 hours later, when Janeece rose to get ready for work.
Errol sat up in bed and asked, “Where are you going?”
“I’ve got to go to work honey” Janeece answered.
“You are my wife and you don’t work anymore.”
“Errol. I can not leave them in a lurch like that. I have not given them any notice to find another waitress.” Janeece pleaded. “Just please let me work out a couple of weeks notice.”
“Nope. No wife of mine slings hash. I will take care of this.” Errol said picking up the telephone. Errol explained to the manager that Janeece would not be coming back and that she sent word that she was sorry for not giving a notice as she should have done and he hung up.
Janeece’s cheeks were on fire from embarrassment. “That man gave me a job when I had no experience. He gave me an opportunity that many would not. I can’t do this to him.”
“Well, are you interested in what he had to day Janeece? He said it was just as well, that you were a terrible waitress and he had gotten so many complaints on you that he was looking to replace you anyhow. You saved him the trouble.”
Janeece knew he had just lied to her face, she locked herself in the bathroom and had a good cry. Danny knocked on the door and asked, “Mama are you crying. It’s okay.”
She responded, “I’m not crying sweetheart. My stomach hurts a little. I will be right out.”
Janeece washed her face and came out to see Danny and Amy sitting by the door. They often did this when they were all three home and she was out of their sight.
It probably had something to do with their daddy never coming back.
“Mama we want to ask you something. Is it okay if we call Mr. Errol, Daddy? We want him to be our Daddy.” Danny asked with a grin. Amy got excited and started jumping up and down saying “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.”
Errol appeared in the door and said, “Hey who is calling my name?” The kids squealed and ran to him. Irritated Janeece couldn’t help but muster a smile looking at the three of them. It made her heart happy to see her children so ecstatic. “ Get up here and give Daddy a kiss Mama.” Errol said with a smile. She did.
The next few months flew by. Errol moved them to a nice house out of the city limits. It had a pool and a garden. He closed Janeece’s checking account and they just had one account that was in his name. “I handle all the bills anyhow, it just makes sense. I will make sure you have money if you need anything.”
Errol was very controlling. He had a system and he demanded they stay with the system.
He was a neat freak and expected the house to be inspection ready every day when he got home. There were no excuses, she wasn’t working outside of the home. However, he was the most amazing husband and father. He genuinely made them feel he loved them and they adored him right back. He participated in homework, sports activities and even insisted on them attending church. “My family is the most important thing in my life” he would boast to anyone who spoke to him. He was especially proud of little Riley but showed no partiality with the other two children which made Janeece glow with happiness.

They had several pool parties during the summer time when his coworkers would come over and bring their wives. She had heard one of the guys tell Errol, “Man you really got it going on buddy. A fine looking class B dependent and she can cook.” Errol punched the guy in the stomach, and told him to get out. Janeece assumed the guy was being vulgar so she was please her husband defended her honor. She never questioned Errol about the situation because it upset him very much.
The following week Janeece found out she was pregnant. Errol was delighted.
“Oh my God woman this is wonderful news!” he picked her up and spun her around until she was dizzy. “I love you so much Janeece. Now our family will be complete.” This made her cry happy tears.
Two weeks after that Errol was out the door for another secret mission. This mission lasted eight weeks and three days. Janeece had been to the local family clinic in his absence to see the doctor. He had said she was doing well and to continue to eat right and take her vitamins. Each time Errol headed out for a secret mission it was time for her to see the doctor so she never got to see a military doctor. Janeece did not mind, the local clinic had very nice people there.
“Timing is everything!” Errol would say with a laugh. He had been home 15 minutes when Janeece’s water had broken. Errol did not take her to the local hospital. He drove her to the hospital 20 miles in the opposite direction to give birth to their Son, Riley.
His explanation was that he had researched the local hospitals and heard horror stories and would only accept the best for his wife and child.
He was able to stay two weeks before being called out on a mission. Janeece tried to be strong but a military wife’s life was hard. She missed him so much when he was gone.
Errol had some times spoken about getting a different job but said he would probably have to wait until retirement because of the nature of his job being so sensitive. “They will probably want to keep the unit together for the duration of our careers. We know too much.”
Janeece could not get upset, she knew he was in a top secret position when she married him, and he would be worth the wait of retirement.
Two ½ years later on April 19th, one of Errol’s coworkers, Jeremy appeared at their door in uniform, his hat in his hand. “ Janeece, I’m sorry to tell ya this but, Errol, Errol is dead.”
Janeece sat down in the closest chair and looked back at the door. “What in the world did you just say to me?”
“Errol fell out of a helicopter and he is dead.”
“Where is he at now?” she asked quietly.
“I reckon they have him at the military hospital.” Jeremy said quietly. He hesitated for a moment then ran to his truck, slinging rocks and dust as he left.
Janeece gathered up the children and put them in the car. She headed straight for the military base and asked for the hospital at the gate. The MP’s escorted her and the children to the hospital area where Errol’s body was being held. Janeece passed another woman that had been crying. She also had two children. Her heart went out to the woman. She wondered if her husband might have been involved in the accident that killed her own husband. Janeece was escorted to a small room. A doctor came in with the two MP’s.
“Is this some kind of sick joke?” the doctor asked.
Janeece’s eyes flew open as she said “Excuse me! I have just been told my husband is dead after falling from helicopter.”
The doctor looked at the MP’s and said, “Mr. Fresco’s wife just identified his body not 5 minutes ago and this isn’t her. It could possibly be his class B dependent.”
Janeece took her drivers license out and showed them her name, Janeece Fresco. “Look this is me, Janeece Fresco. I am Errol’s wife. Now can I please see my husband?
“And what is a class B dependent?”
He turns and said “Miss, apparently you are what is known in these parts as a Class B dependent. That is when someone is married but they have someone on the side. I’m afraid you are the side.”
Janeece gasped! And bit her hand to keep from screaming.
The doctor shook his head and walked out with the MPs. They came back in and said they had orders to escort her off the base.
“There must be somewhere you can take me, some department that can confirm I am his wife. Please!” she begged. She was trying not to cry so she did not upset the children worse. The military police took her to an undisclosed location and asked her to wait in an office. After an hour an important looking, young man came in and asked her to explain what was going on. She told him the date they were married, by a Chaplain Updegraff, where they were married and celebrated the after wedding at the Nation Guard building. She explained they had a house, and gave the address. She was a stay at home mom, he was always away on secret missions but they made it work because they loved each other. The man left with the notes he took, then came back with in the hour.
“Ma’am this military base does not have a Chaplain Updegraff. Jump Master Errol Fresco did not do secret missions. He taught people to jump out of airplanes. I do not have any other way to say this other than you have been duped by a master mind of trickery. You have no military monies coming to you by his untimely death. I can only apologize to you on behalf of the United States Military. The Military Police will see you to your vehicle.”
“I am not asking for military monies. I want to see my husband.” Janeece said, voice cracking.
“I’m sorry ma’am. I can not allow that.” the man said gently.
Janeece pulled Riley to the front between her and the man. “This is his son. Please allow me to take him to his father.” The man looked miserable and said, “No good can come from a small child seeing his father dead on a gurney ma’am.”
Janeece fainted.

When she was revived, the man gave her an address to carry her marriage license and identification to. “Perhaps they can get to the bottom of this situation ma’am. Are you able to drive yourself and the children home?”
She nodded her head yes and accepted the piece of paper from him. “there has to be an explanation for all of this. My husband is a good, honorable man.”
The man did not speak, he simply opened the door showing her the way out. He had heard of men having multiple “families” and the idea sickened him. He did not even have one family. It never happened for him, yet bastards like this Fresco character could pull it off, at least until something as small as death put a stop to it. He had no doubt the woman was telling the truth, the little boy looked exactly like his father and she was too hysterical to be making up everything she was trying to say. He sat down at his desk computer and began to do some research.
A few hours later he walked into the examiners office and stared at the dead man. “You probably can’t hear me you miserable prick but you are busted. One wife knows you were a liar and a cheat and soon the other wife will know too. You will be remembered as a fraud. Rest in peace asshole.” he mumbled sarcastically as he left the room.
Janeece got the kids into bed and sat in Errol’s chair in the living room. She was shaking just enough to notice it. A decanter of bourbon was on the bar where Errol always wanted it. She walked over and poured herself two fingers and put two pieces of ice into the highball glass. That is how he trained her to fix his drink. She raised the glass to her lips to drink, but the smell nauseated her. She sat the glass down on the bar and walked into his home office. His desk was locked as usual, top secret and all. Janeece went and found a crow bar and a hammer and was headed back to the office when the door bell rang. She answered the door with them in her hand. It was the young man from the base that had given her an address to take her marriage license and her identification to.
“Mrs. Fresco. I’m Ralph Peterson from this afternoon.”
“Yes, I remember you sir.” surprised he would be at her door.
“May I come in?”
She did not answer, she just unlocked the screen door and stepped aside.
He noticed what she was holding and asked, “What are you doing with those tools?”
“I’m going to open my husbands locked desk.”
He reached into his pocket and produced a key ring with numerous keys. “This may be less intrusive to the wood and nails.”
She recognized her husbands keys and she turned and walked towards the office. Mr. Peterson followed her. She pointed to the desk as if he couldn’t see it sitting in the room.
“This is probably extremely inappropriate Mrs. Fresco. I couldn’t quit thinking about what has happened to you and I wanted to check and see if you were okay.”
“Please just call me Janeece. I might not be Mrs.Fresco.” she said.
He nodded and found it was the last the key that unlocked the desk. Errol Fresco was a brave son of a bitch. He used his real name with Janeece. Too cocky to believe he would ever be found out, he had a real marriage license but never filed it at the court house, therefore making their marriage not legal. Their son, Riley’s birth certificate was also in the desk and he had used his real name when he signed it, so Peterson knew at least Janeece would get some support for the child. All of the bills, checking and savings account… the records were there in the desk. Everything including the house and cars were in his name and Janeece’s maiden name. He must have had a very good friend at the bank to pull that off.
“That is good news Janeece. At least you can keep the house and the cars.” Peterson said lightly, then he added an “Oh No!”
Unfortunately he had just found pictures of Fresco’s other families. He had two other families. The lady that came to claim his body was his legal wife who had two children, and it appeared that he had a wife in Costa Rica with two children. He had pictures and marriage licenses and birth certificates for them all. He was very organized.
Peterson attempted to explain what he was finding but Janeece was turning grey. The kind of grey you turn when you are about to die, the kind of grey when the blood is leaving your body. Peterson jumped to his feet and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Don’t you dare die. You have 3 beautiful children that need their Mother. Do you want them raised by strangers in foster care, divided up so they will never be together again? Dig deep ma’am, for your children, don’t leave them like he did. Don’t abandon the ones you gave birth to. This situation is horribly unfair but you will injure the children far worse with you losing your will to survive this.” He shook her a little to drive his point home.
Janeece’s eyes were wide with shock as if she were seeing the situation for the first time.
She sat down on the floor and he sat with her.
“I did not imagine any of these past 2 ½ years. Who married us?”
Peterson shook his head and reached in his jacket and took out a picture. “Is this the Chaplain Updegraff you mentioned.”
Janeece shook her head yes. “He can tell you all about it. He married us!”
“His name is Paulo Updegraff. He is in the same unit Fresco was in. He is not a Chaplain or in any way connected with a higher power. He has no authority to marry anyone. That is probably why Fresco never officially filed the marriage license.”
“But why? My God why did he do this to me? To us?”
“I don’t know Janeece. Some men are greedy bastards and they want it all. They somehow assume they are God’s gift to women and think all the women belong to them.”
Janeece got up off of the floor and walked over to the desk. There was an envelope with pictures of Errol having sex with several different women. She had hoped it was before they met, but then suddenly realized he was wearing a shirt she had purchased for him just a few months before in a number of the pictures. Again, she fainted.
Peterson picked her up and took her to the couch, then found the bathroom and got a cold towel to put on her forehead.
“I’m sorry I don’t know why I keep fainting.” she said apologetically.
“I suspect you may be pregnant again Janeece.” he said “I have a sister that has five kids and every single time she goes to the grocery store she faints.”
Janeece didn’t comprehend what he said but she smiled weakly and said, “this just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?”
By the end of the night Peterson had figured up that Fresco had $1850 dollars in cash in the desk drawer, $5000 in savings, $750.00 in bonds and $1500.00 in his checking account.
“I need you to go with me to close out these accounts and cash in these bonds immediately Janeece. If you don’t there is a chance you wont get anything until there is a hearing to determine paternity for young Riley. I am just afraid wife number one might try to latch onto any money or property in his name once she regains her senses from the talk I am going to have with her after we leave the bank tomorrow.
“A hearing? I can’t afford an attorney. No one can take my Riley from me can they?””
“ No one can take Riley. You don’t have to afford an attorney. I will be your attorney.”
“You are an attorney?”
Peterson smiled and said, “Not only am I an Attorney, I am the best attorney in the United States Army.”
Janeece sighed and said, “Well thank God. I need the best of something right now.”
She laid down on the couch and began to cry. He sat down in a chair across from her and passed her tissues and listened to her story. He watched as she gathered up all the pictures of Fresco from the living room, then he watched her cry again. In all the years he had been alive, he had never felt the compassion that he felt for this woman.
All night, she talked, she cried, she nearly fainted 2 or 3 more times. He allowed her to grieve without destroying herself. Janeece did not know it but this would all turn out for the best for her and the children, Peterson would see to that. He would end up being a real husband and father. A man that she needed and deserved.

After word

Every women in the world needs a friend like Peterson. He was there when the chips were down and helped her thru the very bad times.
He was able to secure the money for her that was in the bank for her family and he had the Airborne Unit shook up quiet a bit by removing their fake chaplain and exposing those that had Class B Dependents.
In the next year he married Janeece and raised her children as his own. They transferred across the country to make a new life in Washington State. Peterson legally adopted all of the children and they were married in a huge Christian church and hand carried the license to the court house.


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    • I don’t think WordPress supports indents.

      Great story! It could be true, too: I have this former classmate, whose best man was visiting his father at hospital. The old man was on his deathbed. Suddenly, the door burst open and in walked a woman claiming to be his wife, with two children. Turns out the old man was a bigamist alright, but not only that: at the funeral, another woman showed up, claiming to be his mistress…

      I caught a small typo: “Everything except the house and cars were in his name, they were in Janeece’s name”

      I assume there’s a “not” missing?

      Thanks for sharing a lovely story! I’m a sucker for happy endings… 🙂

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